Future Projects

Nature Conservation
Green Cameroon is currenly carying our a number of Nature Conservation Projects that are all geared towards the conservation of biodiversity in Cameroon and community development.

We are very grateful to all individuals (volunteers and donors) and organisations (sponsors) that have supported us throughout the years in the execution of our programmes.

Have a look at the list of our Current Projects or find here our upcoming projects:

Human Rights Out-Reach Programme

New at Green Cameroon is the Green Human Rights Campaign. Realising that environmental and human rights activities always go together, Green Cameroon’s Board of Directors for the first time since its creation gave management the green light to practically develope and implement a human right project in Cameroon.

The project will seek work with a prison, the forces of law and order (Police, Army, Gendarmes) who have the powers to detain people, some government and private offices that serve the population. We will try to encourage the actors involved to respect human rights, educate community members on their rights and ensure that both parties respect each other. This could be through seminars, talks, publications and any other strategies you can think of.

This project will also allow the volunteer to learn about some common day to day procedures here, know how the law states they should be carried out, and sensitize communities about them.

There is much to be done here but we leave it open so volunteers can best decide how to go about it.

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