Community Pig Farm Project

Community Pig Farm Project funded by the Australian Government

Green Cameroon on Thursday the 22 of May 2014 Lunched it Community Pig Farm Project in the Vasingi Village Community of Buea.Community Development-Green Cameroon (1)

The Pig Farm Project will benefit unemployed youths, widows, orphans and single mothers of the Mount Cameroon Forest Region through the supply of start-up breeds for pig farming including training and follow-up. With funding from the Australian government, a community pig farm was established in the Vasingi village community where the piglets will be produced for distribution to the beneficiaries. Destribution will be coordinated by a Project Management Committee, made up of indegens of the beneficiary community.

This project involves the introduction of a conservation friendly livelihoods support system in the Vasingi Community. Through it, capacities of community members will be built on some alternative income generating activities aimed at improving their living standards, curbing youth unemployment, illegal hunting and malnutrition.


The project involves two main dimensions which are the capacity building and the economic empowerment dimensions. While the capacity building dimension involves equipping community members with all the skills and knowledge needed to run a pig farm, the economic empowerment dimension will ensure that they are provided with the necessary start up resources for carrying out these activities at individual level.




–         Curb poverty and youth unemployment in the vasingi community through the introduction of sustainable alternative income Community Pig Farm-Green Cameroongenerating activities.

–         Fight against malnutrition by providing sustainable and affordable alternative sources of protein to families in these communities like chicken and pork.


–         Get community members involved in sustainable alternative income generating activities like small scale pig farming through capacity building and start up subsidies

–         Provide community households with alternative sources of protein to bush meat thereby discouraging hunting and poaching of wildlife in and around the Mount Cameroon National Park

–         Furnish community members with the skills needed to keep small scale farms and ease their access to start up resources through the provision of training and startup breed subsidies.

–         Get communities involved in the conservation and management of natural resources in the Mount Cameroon Forest Region through education and sensitization.

Community Pig Farm2-Green CameroonRepresentatives of the community thanked Green Cameroon and the Australian government for what they termed a life-changing project as the Community Pig Farm. They also promised to make the best of the farm and ensure that the development which is sought is achieved through hard work and devotion. The project ended with heavy feasting and interviews from press men.


14 thoughts on “Community Pig Farm Project

  1. I Apreciate The Works Of Green To Cameroonian As A Whole.But How Do I Get To Benefit From The Training And Suport Skims?I Am In Kumba And Wish To Start A Pig Farm.

  2. Wow That’s a great job done.But i wish to ask if is just for the south west region. I’m a youth but am in Bamenda and having 4 pigs and having hope of increasing them but i lack the capital and training for that i done know if you people can help me.

    1. Greetings,
      just read your commment and I would like to be the financer of your farm. In other words, you could be part of my team and I then enhance your farm by finance it. In case , you are interested about exchanging more about it. Here is my contact :

      1. Great initiative, kudos. I have plans of getting into pig farming soon. When I am ready I will need advice from you. Thanks again.

  3. I want to thank Green for the wonderful opportunities given to me in particular and the youths in the South West in general who endeavored to be part of that training because it has really helped me to improve on so many aspects as far as pig farming is concern….such as the improvement in the conservation and management of natural resources in my area through education and sensitization programs organize by the Green Cameroon. Also it has greatly help me to Curb poverty and unemployment by the introduction of sustainable alternative income generating activities such as Swine rearing.

  4. Wahooooo what a great job, I salute your efforts. I’m a young Cameroonian living in the north west. I have 5 pigs and I wish to increase them and also acquire more training on pig farm. I wish to be a part of your team

  5. I am a Cameroonian and live abroard but I am interested in opening a pig farm in Cameroon.can I get the training and how can green help me to achieve my goal? I want us to take back our country and develop it and make other countries came to buy from us.

    1. It’s an easy business to pick up,very lucrative and profitable too,at the initial stage,breed selection are required, understanding the environment and management of the piggery will give a go ahead task, contact those around u to get better breeds, you can always call on +237670050990 for counseling on start up, follow up and management of your pig business,a successful breeder wants the best for it’s flogs

  6. I own a small pig farm here north west region l intend to make it big so how can l benefit from this your project

  7. what a great job, I salute your efforts. I’m a young Cameroonian living in the north west. I have 2 pigs and I wish to increase them and also acquire more training on pig farm. I wish to be a part of your team

  8. Good day community , please I am a piggery farmer based in kumba I wish to be part of you ,so that I can receive assistance from this sector

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