Hyping up the Environment in Schools

Schools programThis week was an eventful week in the schools. We started visiting the three high schools chosen for our intensive schools program to talk to all the students during their Monday morning assembly, at 7am. Unfortunately two of the three assemblies were rained out, so we visited many classes individually. The kids and teachers alike seemed enthusiastic, and we promised to return during their breaks to sign them up for the intensive program.

We returned armed with our stands covered in colourful and informative posters, and many of our new volunteers, fresh faced and enthusiastic. The reaction was huge, with all three stands surrounded by more than 50 students within seconds of our arrival. All the volunteers did a great job of explaining many of the key environmental messages we wanted to get the school students to understand, and we had well over 70 students sign up for the intensive program in each of the three schools!!

Environment clubsNext week the intensive program will start on Monday afternoon, after school. The curriculum we will cover has been prepared and it will be an interactive hour of extra classes, including daily activities to bring the theory to life.

We will cover our four main themes: forests, water, agriculture and waste, and the program will culminate in an inter-school quiz during the Green Week in April. We are positive that the lessons will provide enrichment to the kids’ education, and hopefully help to shape the habits of the next generation of adult Cameroonians!

Environmental clubs

Schools Programme

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