Lower Wonjoku Community Water Supply Project

Lower Wonjoku Community Water Supply Project


We have spent the last two weeks finalizing negociations between the communities of Lower Wonjoku, Great Soppo and the Buea Council onGreen Cameroon.Community Development 2 the commencement of the Lower Wonjoku Community Water Supply Project.

The project’s aim is to supply the 700 inhabitants of Lower Wonjoku Community with portable water and simultaneously provide short transportation routes to the consumers.

To do this, a water source has been identified where a catchment will be built with an inclusive water-filter and tanks for storage. A (later on extendible) system of pipes will transport the portable water, taking advantage of a natural slope, from the source to a central tapstation by gravity. It will be highly imperative to arrange the project with simple technique installments to minimize fault liability and supply deficits.

After about two weeks of preparation, work has started on the area with our team currently cleaning the area to enable ease of access for needed studies. After a first examination of the source by our team, it was sadly realized that the chances of contamination are high, due to agricultural activities that have been taking place in the area.

A study of the present quality of the water is therefore necessary to determine to what extent farming around the area has affected the quality of this water. While community members of the Lower Wonjoku village are boiling up with expectations, our team on the ground is having a difficult time on coming up with possible solutions relating to the volume of water present and the intended quality it should have at the end of the installations.

The Chief of Lower Wonjoku village who received our team just yesterday, after listening to the concerns expressed by the team gave the Green Cameroon.Community Developmentassurance that he will work on stopping all farming activities around this area that shall be seen as detrimental to the quality of the water.

It is with great enthusiasm that our team started work on the area with a general clean up and preliminary inspection. It is our hope that in the up coming months, it would be possible for the inhabitants of Lower Wonjoku village to enjoy free portable water as a sign of our interest in bettering the lives of community members of the Mount Cameroon Forest Region.

This is just one of our community development projects with many more to come. Communities that are interested in working with us on issues of this nature are welcomed to indicate their interest and we are sure to get to them in due time. This is just the turn of the Lower Wonjoku Village Community. Please keep coming back for updates on this and other projects.

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