Piglets Given to Youths!!!

Green Cameroon Gives out first set of piglets to youths of the Mount Cameroon Forest Region.

Community Pig Farm.Green Cameroon (1)Green Cameroon, today the 27th of December 2014 gave out its first set of piglets coming from the Vasingi Community Pig Farm Project.

Funded by the Australian Government in March this year, the community pig farm was established as a training ground on pig farming and also a source of start up breeds for, orphans, single mothers and widows of the area.

Following the decision of the project management committee, the piglets which were six in number were given out to the first group of youths. These youths received these piglets as an initiative to begin pig farming as their main source of livelihood.

Through the project, it is expected that the lives of many community members will be touched in the long run and that living conditions in the community will change for the better.

The youths were very happy to be the first beneficiaries of the project and promised to make both Green Cameroon and the Australian Government happy, by putting in all necessary effort needed to make their own pig farms a success.

Community Pig Farm.Green CameroonGreen Cameroon also wishes to use this opportunity to call on all other prospective beneficiaries to be patient as the next group of piglets will only be due next month. Green Cameroon’s Executive Director also used the occasion to thank the project management committee for their patience, devotion and transparency in the management of farm activities and the selection of beneficiaries. He called on all community members to rest assured that their turn to benefit from the project will surely come, no matter how long it takes.

The 3 youths left very happy and ready to start a new life with their piglets and initial feed.


2 thoughts on “Piglets Given to Youths!!!

  1. I was excited to see your organization but I’m not sure that this piglet initiative is a good idea. Helping the oppressed by oppressing others. The photo you show, too, of the youth mishandling the piglets is truly awful. I can’t imagine what sort of life they’ll lead from there. There are so many ways of helping others, providing incomes, taking part in agriculture, without harming others. I hope you’ll reconsider giving animals to people.
    This picture really says it all. No piglets should be hung by their legs!

  2. Please go forward with nonviolent vegan gardens. Please do not go ahead with animal abuse. “Meat and dairy” need to be phased out to protect the global climate. See the lasts Royal Institute for International Affairs’ Chatham House report: http://www.chathamhouse.org/sites/files/chathamhouse/field/field_document/20141203LivestockClimateChangeBaileyFroggattWellesley.pdf I wish you well. We bear witness of animals going to slaughter and see their fear and hear their cries and pleas for help. Please join us.

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