Community Pig Farm Project Update

First Litter of Piglets at Green Cameroon’s Community Pig Farm

Green Cameroon, Community Pig Farm 1The Vasingi Community Pig Farm Project funded by the Australian Government was launched in June 2014 amidst the jubilation of community members. This community livelihood projects aims at alleviating poverty and youth unemployment in the Vasingi community found in the Mount Cameroon Forest Region.

The community pig farm is expected to serve as a training ground on pig farming for community members and also a source of supply of piglets for youths, widows and single mothers of the Vasingi community.

Through the project, beneficiaries are expected to be given two piglets each (Male and Female) to start up a farm of their own and better their living standards. This expectation has so far not come true as the pig farm had not yet had any piglets since its launching. The first litter of piglets (7 in numbers) therefore comes as a great source of joy to the community members as they are now sure that in 6 weeks time the first set of beneficiaries will be able to start their own pig farms.

The Project Management Committee Chair Man has already sent word to the first 3 beneficiaries to make sure that their pig pens are built and ready to receive the piglets as they will be ready for giving out in 6 weeks.

Green Cameroon, Community Pig Farm 2Presently at the farm, there are 3 other Sows (Adult Female Pig) that are in-pig with piglets expected by the end of the year. With the coming of these other piglets it is expected that there will be more than 10 beneficiaries at the end of this year.

Green Cameroon and the entire Vasingi community once more wish to use this opportunity to say a big Thank You to the Australian Government for funding this life changing project in Cameroon and their community in particular.


3 thoughts on “Community Pig Farm Project Update

  1. Greetings,
    Im so happy to come across this platform and i wish to express my sincere gratitude for the work and progress in our country that GREEN CAMEROON is taking into concentration. i like to express my intention to work with this organisation in respect to their goals and missions in cameroon. im based in south west region of the country, thanks.

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