Green Cameroon.HandwashingThe international day for washing hands occurs across the globe and millions of people take part in this event. Washing hands with soap is very important to our society. This day of Hand Washing takes place every year of the 15th October. This day is meant to raise awareness to the society of washing hands with soap as a key to approach to disease prevention.

Hand Washing is one of the single most effective means of preventing the spread of bacteria and viruses. Proper and frequent hand washing can be one of the most effective controls to limit contamination of food and equipment and utilities. Keeping hand clean through improve hand hygiene is one of the most important steps; one can take to avoid getting sick and spread germs to others.

Green Cameroon.Hands washingGreen Cameroon on this day wishes everyone a happy day for Hand washing, providing soap and water and encourages communities to be aware of their environment and how they can prevent future disease to affect our body and the environment.

Happy International Day for Washing Hands.

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