Farmer Innovation Fair in Cameroon (FIPAC)

Farmer Innovation Fair in Cameroon (FIPAC)

Green Cameroon is working in partnership with the Prolinnova Cameroon network towards organizing a Farmer Innovation Fair in Cameroon Green Cameroon Stoves(FIPAC). The aim of the fair is to promote local innovation processes by identifying farmer innovations and engaging in farmer led joint research.  Local innovation in this context is seen as the process of developing locally new and better ways of doing things. This can be in terms of technology, organisation of socio-economic institutions, new marketing procedures, local financing, or changes in gender roles/ responsibilities.

This call is for all stakeholders in agricultural research and development (ARD) such as farmers, service providers, researchers, NGO staff, etc. who are involved in the process of seeking solutions to livelihood challenges of communities or exploiting new opportunities.

The nationwide Farmer innovation fair will be organized at the national level, bringing together selected innovations from all ten regions to compete for prizes and recognition. It will also serve as an opportunity to showcase famer’s creativity and a tool for advocacy and lobbying to open doors that inhibit the ability of farmers towards seeking solution to their problems. It shall also be an avenue for networking and other forms of exchanges. Selected innovations shall be presented in Yaounde where the national fair shall take place with the organizers taking charge of all the innovators logistics.


All Cameroonians farmers who have developed their own local innovations in the fields of crop
farming, horticulture, livestock husbandry, agroforestry, fishery, storage and processing of plant and
animal products, biodiversity conservation and climate change adaptation in agro-ecological
production are eligible to apply for this call.
The farmers may be gardeners, small-scale crop farmers, agropastoralists or pastoralists as well as
people who have innovated in the agro-sylvo-pastoral and fisheries sectors, including urban farmers.
The innovations can be technical, organisational, institutional or social.

By this call, Green Cameroon is therefore calling on all interested persons and institutions to indicate their interest should they wish to enter an innovation into the competition.  Innovations from the South West Region will be guided and selected by Green Cameroon. Innovations out of the South West Region can still contact us and we will link them to their respective selection committees in any of the other 9 regions.  To begin the application process, visit our site at  where you will fill a contact form, stating your interest. There is also an email address on the site to which you can write for enquiries.

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