Good News with Tax Deductible Donations

Green Cameroon can now receive Tax Deductible Donations from individual, organisations and companies from the United States.

Thanks to our partnership with Omprakash, it is now possible for us to receive tax deductible donations from our various supportersVolunteering in Cameroon all over the USA. This new development, is going to improve Green Cameroon’s chances of obtaining funding for its projects. The donation process is secure and easy. To make a donation to Green Cameroon, you can either click on the make a tax deductible button on our home page or get directly to the donation page under the get involved link. Upon arriving the donation page, you will have the option to chose your donation method comprising of credit cards, Paypal, check and wire transfer. Join us in conserving nature in Cameroon by making a donation now. Click the Donate button now and contribute to conserving nature in Cameroon!


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