Green Cameroon on World sickle cell and World sauntering day

                         June 19 world sickle cell and world sauntering day

Sickle cell dayEnvironmental Education

June 19th was officially designated as the international world sickle cell day. This day is meant to spread awareness and increase the public’s knowledge and understanding of the sickle cell disease and the challenges experienced by patients and their care givers.

Green Cameroon joins this campaign and encourages the public to donate blood to help save the lives of those battling with the disease and also urges everyone especially parents to know their status, those of their children and learn better ways to care for these sickle cell warriors.

Sauntering day

The world sauntering day is an annual holiday celebrated on the 19th of June. It is a day set aside to remind us to slow down, smell roses, enjoy life and the world around us as opposed to rushing through it.

Nature ConservationThe world is developing at a very fast and hectic pace and becoming too crowded and complicated for all of us, with urbanization, pollution and desertification setting in. The sauntering day gives us the opportunity to genuinely relax by taking walks. It can be in the parks, gardens, woods or fields where there is so much green vegetation, the smell of roses and sounds of birds chipping (the beauty of nature) bread fresh air and get free from all worldly engagements.

Green Cameroon is ensuring that our communities get to bread fresh air, smell flowers and get the aesthetic view of nature with a relaxed mind after every walk, by planting trees, gardening and carrying out activities related to other forms of nature conservation.

Green Cameroon encourages everyone on this day to relax, take a walk and feel the ecstasy of nature.

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