A glimpse of The Green Week

Yesterday, one more brilliant day in the Green Week! Our day on Agriculture, under the slogan “Protect your land, grow your future” mainly handled on sustainable & alternative agricultural techniques: organic farming and agroforestry. Our colleague, Cynthia Sama, started the day with an introduction on Agriculture in Cameroon. After that,… Continue reading

Green Week – Pictures day 1 & Program day 2

Yesterday, our Green Week got started with our Forest-day. Today, “Water” is our main subject with presentations of CamWater and Live Build, open discussions and an eye opening movie, called “FLOW – For Love Of Water“. The program of today. Choose whatever interests you most and come at any time… Continue reading

Thank you for your support!

As you all probably have heard by now, next week we’ll have our Green Week, the cherry on the cake of our Green Media Campaign. Thanks to your support, we were able to have interesting speakers from all over the country, the necessary technical material and beautiful promotional material as… Continue reading