Green Cameroon on World hepatitis day 2021

Hepatitis has become a global health concern and an area of interest with a person dying of hepatitis related disease every 30 seconds. The world hepatitis day is an annual event that takes place every July 28. This is aimed at raising awareness on the global burden of this deadly disease. The theme for this year’s global campaign is ‘’Hepatitis can’t wait’’.

Hepatitis refers to an inflammation of the liver and it’s commonly caused by a viral infection. There are other possible causes of this disease which include autoimmune hepatitis which occurs when your body makes antibodies against your liver tissue, and hepatitis that occurs as a secondary results of medication, drugs, toxins and alcohol .The liver is a very vital part of the body that carries out a lot of activities like blood filtration, detoxification of chemical, metabolism (of fats, proteins  and carbohydrates­) etc. without which our bodies will not function properly.

According to the center for disease control and prevention, chronic viral hepatitis affects over 70 million Africans and some are not even aware they are infected with the disease.

This disease has been divided into hepatitis A to hepatitis E  Hepatitis resulting from secondary effects of toxins, chemicals etc. can be transmitted through blood, body fluids, injection, drug use, vaginal secretion, semen or water containing hepatitis and excess alcohol consumption. The signs and symptoms of acute hepatitis include weight loss, abdominal pain, fatigue, dark urine, Pale stool, yellow skin and eyes (jaundice) etc. The good news is, there is treatment for this deadly global burden which is very effective when diagnose at an early stage.

Green Cameroon on this day joins the world hepatitis day campaign to raise awareness on hepatitis, its transmission causes, signs and symptoms, its fatality rate and its treatment.  Most importantly, green Cameroon urges each and every one of us to take the necessary precaution to avoid contacting the disease and take the hepatitis test because Hepatitis Can’t Wait.

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