World Cancer Day 2014

World Cancer Day 2014: Debunk the Myths

The designated theme for 2013 was “cancer did you know?” which cleared up misconceptions about cancer. Four main myths were cleared Partners in Community Development 1up including that cancer is: merely a health issue, always deadly, an individual’s fate, only affects certain social or economic groups.

February 2014 will build on the success of last year’s campaign, by again focusing on Target 5 of the World Cancer Deceleration: Reduce stigma and dispel myths about cancer, under the tagline “Debunk the myths”.

The main mission for this holiday is to encourage healthier habits to prevent cancer, as well as to promote better health care access to help patients who caught the disease early on and also advocate for new treatment measures and to encourage hope among victims.

The fact is cancer can happen to anyone, regardless of an individual’s background. At the same time, treatment innovations and early detection processes have made it possible for patients to find cancer and beat it for good. World cancer day remains to remind individuals of these facts while helping to promote better health for everyone.

According to World Cancer Research Fund International (WCRFI), about 12.7 million people had cancer in 2008. By 2030, this number is anticipated to rise up to 21 million. While a part of this expected increase may be attributed to population growth, another contributing factor is lack of awareness and access to health.

We at Green Cameroon believe that when a few dedicated people work towards one purpose, one common goal, something extraordinary happens. Our diverse disciplines, activities and skills create a force that can move mountains. That force can change the very paradigmsthat govern our lives. Health care is one of our major purpose and our common goal. So we therefore believe something extraordinary must happen.

The goal is to help treat cancer before it spreads to the lymph nodes as well as the other parts of the body. Your chances for survival are greater if the cancer isdetected, treated at the original and above all going natural on dieting.

Your diet is one of such factor that one can tweak to help lessen risk of developing cancer down the line. In fact, of nearly 569, 500 cancer deaths that occurred in 2010, it’s estimated that one third were related to physical  inactivity, poor nutrition, obesity or being overweight ( also often diet related), and therefore could have been prevented.

About 35 percent of cancers are related to nutritional factors (American Cancer Society Facts and Figures). To help prevent cancer, eat a wide variety of foods rich in nutrients that protect your body’s cells from damage, such as vitamin C – an antioxidant found in many fruits and vegetables such as grape fruits, oranges, bell peppers, and broccoli. Diets high in vitamin C have been linked to a reduced risk of cancers of the stomach, colon, esophagus, bladder, breast, and cervix. These results are specific to vitamin C rich foods, rather than supplements, which seem less reliable. So be sure to pile fruits and veggies on your plate they are excellent for your body in so many ways.

For  us to meet our goals, we need to carry out activities like Fundraising which plays a big part on world cancer day,special luncheons, Nature Conservationdinners and other meals may be held as a way to raise research money for specific forms of cancer. Other events can include fundraiser walks, parades and family activities. This day is also a special opportunities to help raise public awareness of cancer in the form of ads, announcements and free educational events. Some communities even offer free cancer screenings.

No matter where you are, who you are, and how you would do it, remember you have it as a duty to contribute towards the fight against cancer. Don’t wait for a miracle try being a miracle.

Happy world cancer day 2014


Njeke Joshua Egbe for Green Cameroon

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